Markings (2) 1Outfield (4) 3Pitch (8) 6Square (6) 5Total 15 out of 20

Pateley Bridge v Burton Leonard

  • Nidderdale League Division 1
  • Saturday 1 May 1999
  • Burton Leonard won by 31 runs
  • 2:00 - 7:45
  • Burton Leonard CC
  • 8 out of 10
Innings of Burton Leonard (Pts: 5)
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
Craig EustaceCaughtJ Thompson63
Andy ParkerBowledJ Thompson4
Mike CrawshawNot Out108
Mike StansfieldBowledJ Thompson5
Shane BrownLBWJ Thompson4
Chris SladenCaughtJ Thompson7
Leigh ParsonsBowledJ Thompson3
Ben DrummondLBWN Butterfield7
Stuart BarkerNot Out1
Sam Frankland
Neil Carass
Innings of Pateley Bridge (Pts: 1)
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
A ChangCaughtBen Drummond1
D OwramCaughtSam Frankland39
C HardcastleBowledAndy Parker18
M ReillyCaughtShane Brown17
G FoxtonNot Out71
J ThompsonLBWAndy Parker14
C HardcasleBowledAndy Parker3
A SpenceNot Out6
S Bullough
N Butterfield
D Reilly
Burton Leonard Bowling Analysis
Shane Brown143581
Ben Drummond155381
Stuart Barker90350
Sam Frankland40291
Andy Parker30123
Pateley Bridge Bowling Analysis
N Butterfield 120551
J Thompson 194636
D Reilly 60360
M Reilly 30180
A Spence 50320