Markings (2) 2Outfield (4) 4Pitch (8) 7Square (6) 5Total 18 out of 20

Ouseburn v Burton Leonard

  • Nidderdale League Division 2
  • Ouseburn won by 2 wickets
  • Saturday 24 June 2006
  • 2:00 - 7:52
Innings of Burton Leonard (Pts: 1)
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
Simon ParkinsonCaughtR Robshaw6
Leigh ParsonsCaughtR Robshaw14
Dan ThirkellBowledS Parker56
Mike CrawshawCaughtA McKenzie22
Mike StansfieldStumpedA McKenzie3
Mark FoxLBWA McKenzie1
Ali Wilson (U17)CaughtR Robshaw20
Neil BlakenCaughtR Robshaw22
Ben DrummondBowledD Burton13
Rob Murray (U15)Not Out24
Neil CarassNot Out0
Innings of Ouseburn (Pts: 5)
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
S ParkerBowledDan Thirkell0
M KinghornRun Out42
J TownsendCaught24
M CrowlBowledRob Murray (U15)1
S RobshawCaughtNeil Blaken40
D BurtonCaughtDan Thirkell26
M ParkerLBWDan Thirkell4
T ParkerBowled19
A McKenzieNot Out15
R RobshawNot Out6
A Kitching
Burton Leonard Bowling Analysis
Ali Wilson (U17)123350
Dan Thirkell120563
Neil Blaken11.11553
Rob Murray (U15)61231
Ben Drummond40210
Ouseburn Bowling Analysis
R Robshaw121414
D Burton120771
S Parker122441
A McKenzie71243
M Kinghorn1100
A Kitching1070