Markings (2) 2Outfield (4) 2Pitch (8) 3Square (6) 3Total 10 out of 20

Darley v Burton Leonard

  • Nidderdale League Division 5
  • Saturday 21 July 2001
  • Burton Leonard won by 100 runs
  • 2:00 - 6:45
  • Burton Leonard CC
  • 8 out of 10
Innings of Burton Leonard (Pts: 6)
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
Neil BurtwistleCaughtMilne41
Chris SladenBowledB Gill23
Stuart BarkerCaughtTaylor13
Bruce RobshawCaughtMilne0
Clive CarassCaughtMilne4
Kris BurtwistleRun Out5
Bill ChambersCaughtCarver14
Tim HallNot Out26
Martin JeepsCaughtPerry14
Wilf WigglesworthNot Out1
Kenny Horner
Innings of Darley (Pts: 0)
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
T PerryBowledBill Chambers5
S FurnissCaughtKenny Horner8
J MilneCaughtKenny Horner0
C GillBowledBill Chambers13
B GillBowledMartin Jeeps5
J HaytonCaughtWilf Wigglesworth0
A TaylorBowledWilf Wigglesworth4
R VassBowledMartin Jeeps0
T ReicartCaughtWilf Wigglesworth4
L PlattsCaughtMartin Jeeps8
T CarverNot Out5
Burton Leonard Bowling Analysis
Bill Chambers124182
Kenny Horner92132
Wilf Wigglesworth61183
Martin Jeeps4173
Darley Bowling Analysis
J Milne122353
B Gill90371
A Taylor92271
J Hayton52140
T Carver40111
T Perry61261