Markings (2) 2Outfield (4) 3Pitch (8) 6Square (6) 4Total 15 out of 20

Staveley 2nds v Burton Leonard

  • Nidderdale League Division 8
  • Burton Leonard won by 5 wickets
  • Saturday 14 September 2013
  • 1:00 - 6:30
Innings of Staveley 2nds (Pts: 0)
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
Nigel CoatesLBWPaul Gill37
Alex Heptinstall (u15)BowledBen Robinson (U13)8
Martin HobsonLBWPaul Gill4
Brian PreeceLBWPaul Gill13
Jack Allen (u16)CaughtMatt Tuley (U13)8
Elliot Chamberlin (u17)CaughtClive Carass0
Sean NixonCaught & BowledMatt Tuley (U13)5
Joe Robinson (u15)BowledClive Carass0
Tom PickardBowledMatt Tuley (U13)0
Sean BradleyNot Out0
James Bradley (u13)BowledMatt Tuley (U13)0
Innings of Burton Leonard (Pts: 6)
Batsman's NameHow OutBowlerRuns
Tim HallCaughtElliot Chamberlin (u17)2
Andrew DallasCaughtSean Bradley17
Matt Tuley (U13)BowledElliot Chamberlin (u17)2
Neil CarassRun Out0
Ben Robinson (U13)Not Out15
James ClarkeBowledSean Bradley13
Joss HutchinsonNot Out26
Chris Briscoe
Paul Gill
Clive Carass
Wilf Wigglesworth
Staveley 2nds Bowling Analysis
Sean Bradley123142
Elliot Chamberlin (u17)50282
Brian Preece60200
Jack Allen (u16)2.4190
Joe Robinson (u15)2060
Burton Leonard Bowling Analysis
Matt Tuley (U13)84114
Ben Robinson (U13)51201
Wilf Wigglesworth123320
Paul Gill128173
Clive Carass2022